Trench 11 Goes Canada-Wide August 31st! & A Movie Review

28 Aug

trench 11 poster artToronto – Cineplex Yonge & Dundas
Montreal – Cineplex Latin Quarter
Côte Saint-Luc – Cineplex Odeon Cavendish Mall
Vancouver – Cineplex Park Theatre
Winnipeg – Cineplex Odeon McGillivray
Calgary – Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire
Halifax – Cineplex Cinemas Parklane
Ottawa – The Mayfair Cinema

Trench 11 is more than a simple horror film set in the backdrop of World War I. It plays with a common fear many soldiers had in the front lines and sets the tone for what the future may hold, especially when a certain regime is starting to rise into power. On one front, the fear in what chemical weapons can do has many soldiers scared. In another, just what kind of secret experiments were conducted? This film played at film festivals and now it’s getting week-long screenings Canada-wide, beginning August 31st.
Berton (Rossif Sutherland) is hired to find out. He’s like Tunnel Rat in G.I. Joe. His skills are needed to get to an abandoned underground German base. The enemy failed to completely destroy it—forever locking their secrets—and this movie is a race between two sides to either unearth or seal away. To represent this war of attrition, German actor Robert Stadlober (Crazy, Summer Storm) plays Reiner, a mad prophet perhaps rivalling Rasputin. This foreshadowing of a future German leader cannot go unnoticed.

Trench 11 is a passion project for director Leo Scherman, best known for co-creating the Gemini-winning series Cock’d Gunns. This film has seen many drafts since its inception in 2011 and the fact this film made use of locales in Winnipeg to recreate the front lines of war-torn 1918 France is nothing short of amazing. Most ditches are easy to dig up, but to capture that right feel requires plenty of research and capturing the era through a camera lens correctly. The type of lenses and filters used must be physical than digital.

A claustrophobic sense of xenophobia can be felt as Berton entrenches himself into the unknown. The distrust is not necessarily between the men, but rather in them knowing what they must face. The dialogue is smartly written, and to face that evil known as Reiner …. this detail is best left unsaid for those to experience fresh. This work combines a tingling sense of body horror ala David Cronenberg and suggests the terror can manifest anytime John Carpenter-style, even in our everyday reality! No fantasy is ever required for the best scares. History has plenty to draw from.

This film is a solid sell because it does not venture deep into the occult theory like Raiders of the Lost Ark. The scares are simple. At first, some may expect to find zombies, but instead, this work deals with the threat ala Aliens cum The Thing. Another viewing is certainly required, as careful attention is required for the scenes set in Germany, where the villains certainly highlight the dirty details of what they are hiding. If it ever gets unearthed, I suspect nobody will be safe!

4 Stars out of 5

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