Last Halloween, A Short Documentary Review & Where to Find It

last halloweenBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

O. Corbin Saleken
‘s short documentary, Last Halloween, takes a very simple approach to explain what the holiday means to youths. The opening narration says it all, and what’s recounted is a one family’s journey. Unlike other treatments about this festive day, we are not concerned with the origins and how it changed throughout the years. Instead, this piece is looking at the here and now.

From witnessing one family get ready to head out to trick or treat to looking at what they got, the concept behind this product is simple. Express a heartfelt recollection of the joys experienced during this time. It is put together like one of those old family films shot with a super 8mm camera. The unknown third person is recording the event and I was never sure who that person was. Perhaps he or she is that an older sibling who no longer partakes. The mother is briefly seen taking pictures alongside the camera person. This product has a very folksy feel.

When the cast credits name Will, Audrey and Brinsley Saleken, it’s safe to assume the male voice is of this filmmaker. He does a great job at evoking warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia to those who no longer celebrate the day. I’m almost tempted to go dress up myself and walk around to see how my neighbourhood has changed throughout the decades since trick or treating is never the same as one grows older.

Last Halloween will be screening at select film festivals. For a continually updated list, please visit their Facebook page.

Upcoming shows include
Silver Wave Film Festival, Sat Nov 4th

Trailer can be viewed on Vimeo

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