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jesse thomBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Jesse Thom is a talented performer who not only recently published his debut children’s book, Some Bunny Loves You, but also is a busy musician. He’s a member of a few bands and also a solo artist. The Honey Tongues is a gypsy, folk-rock alternative group and Daemon & Airdrie is an electronic musical duo. Between the various types of shows he performs in as he travels the breadth of North America and beyond, life can be stressful. He’s a meditation coach who also needs time to relax. Sometimes, all it takes is a return to basics, to a time when he found peace, or rather with a creation which helped set him on a creative path.

From April 7th to May 22nd, he will be like a Traveling Wilbury, taking his puppet show (based on his book) through parts of Vancouver Island and the Greater Vancouver Mainland area before hitting the musical stage and performing behind the curtain again. Stops include the Garden City of Victoria to which he is from and details can be found on his website. I’m willing to bet a break will still be needed for this performer to re-energize like a particular battery bunny mascot before he embarks on another musical odyssey.

“As with any success, I’m just going to honour the path that forms,” revealed Thom, “I listen to my heart, and listen what the audience wants and I provide what seems to be wanted and needed.”

His puppet show brings his novella to life for people of all ages to come and see. This product was developed after losing his older brother to leukemia. At an impressionable age of 5, he had to learn how to cope and in his healing process, he penned a simple story starring a bunny with ‘bun-kemia.’ He read this tale to his entire school and from there, its heartfelt message of how be yourself and stay positive grew to becoming a product with a message that had to spread.

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This musical picture-book can be ordered online here.

“I’m totally blown away by the response,” revealed Thom, “The puppet show has been well received and I’ve had people from age one to eighty come to my shows, and they like it a lot. [The book] has more of a Shel Silverstein (poet, cartoonist) and Edward Gorey (illustrator) style to it.”

With copies being ordered from countries all over the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe, sometimes not everyone can read the text but can at least follow along to the song. Music is universally understood, but this author/musician is not above getting it translated so the finer nuances can be followed.

Thom knows each culture has its own humour and its linguistic nuances, so getting his work accurately translated may not be easy. He’s willing to try, though. “The words of the book are the lyrics to the song, and if I have to sing it in a different language, I’d need some help with the translation,” said Thom.

The music this talent composed for it are specific to the characters he created in this 32-page book, and the other tracks on the album represent a different bunny personality, presented Peter and the Wolf style. “This recording was one my favourite records as a kid and I was really inspired about it. What I loved about this is that the music was mostly instrumental, so your imagination can fill in all the gaps. ”


This author noted those songs were recorded and played by other talented contributing musicians like Angela Schleihauf (oboe) and Sean Winter (accordion and piano) who live in different parts of Canada. True to the book, it shows that no matter where those friends are staying right now, they will be there to lend support when you need them.

When asked if there will be more storybooks, there’s a few in development and they are not necessarily from the same world. Six more works, already illustrated, are in the pipeline and Thom does have plans on incorporating them into his puppet show. He’s revealed the next book will feature a porcupine as the central character and he will make a puppet to include in the bunny-verse.

“My message with this book is that you are loved just as you are, and nothing can change that. There’s a lot of us here willing to support you and your joy, your creativity, your expression and your fullness. If you’re feeling stuck in your life, the first thing to recognize is that you’re not alone,” said Thom with his words of wisdom as a life coach.

“[If you need to], send me an email, let’s get in touch and we’ll chat.”

Author: Ed Sum

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