Japanese Artist Hikaru Shirosu Upstaged by Cat in Latest YouTube Video

4 Mar

hikarushirosuprofileBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

For those of you who love cats or even own one or two (or three), you’ve come to realize (as I have) that cats come with incredible power. They may not fetch a stick or even a ball like our canine companions, they are more than willing to look silly chasing a bit of yarn, tossing a fake mouse laced with catnip, or bravely explore a brown paper bag. But the true power of cats comes from their ability to inject themselves into whatever we are doing at the time, no matter how important, and cause us to stop and pay attention to their kind. In a way they are saying “I want to be loved, now.”

That appears to be what is being told to Hikaru Shirosu, a talented pianist and singer from Japan. In his latest video we get a behind the scenes look at a video he produced for YouTube back in 2013. Shirosu found the video on an old SD card. Posting through his official Twitter the artist stated of the video:

“Behind the Scenes of “Kiroro / Aitai” My cat often jumps on my lap when I’m playing the piano. #TBT”

The video titled “逢いたい Aitai (I want to see you)” is a cover of the song performed by J-pop duo Kiroro and written by member Chiharu Tamashiro. Shirosu handles the song well and gives his own unique deliverance with a lot of heart. Listening to this cover it could bring memories, perhaps even emotions to surface.

But in this behind-the-scenes video, none of this affects Shirosu’s cat. The cat leaps up onto Shirosu’s lap looking for attention and he receives it. Shirosu starts his performance but can’t quite complete the song. Watch the video and see why.


Here is the finished video from 2013, sans cat.


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