Youjo Senki CM Debuts on Japanese Television

youjosenkicoverBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

With just a week away from the premiere of the anime based on Carlo Zen and Shinobu Shinotsuki’s gender-swapping military strategy light novel series Youjo Senki (published by Enterbrain of Kadokawa Corporation), this commercial aired on Japanese television. It was made available for worldwide viewing today on Kodakawa’s anime YouTube channel. The commercial gives details on the dates, times and stations Youjo will broadcast.

According to the Youjo Senki anime website the story follows the blond hair blue-eyed young girl Tanya Degrechaf in the unified calendar of 1923 during her final course at the Imperial Military Academy. She is engaged in training at the third patrol line of the Northern military district Norden battlefield as part of the unit’s work. Training, which is the first step towards a brilliant career as an aviation magician. It was supposed to have finished without any problems.

But the situation will roll in an unexpected direction. Empire and trade union plunges into war as a result of a violation of cross-border collaboration. During the transition to wartime, observation missions are assigned. A surprise attack by the Coalition Allied Forces occurs and Tanya falls into a situation where she will have to engage with the enemy magician company alone.

 Youjo Senki will premiere on the Japanese animation specialty channel AT-X on January 6, 2017.

Main Staff

Original Work
Carlo Zen (“Young Girl Warfare” / published by KADOKAWA)

Original Illustratrions
Shinobu Shinotsuki

Directed By
Yasushi Uemura

Character Design · General Drawing Director
Yuji Hoso

Series Composition · Screenplay
Kenta Inohara

Deputy Director
Kana Haruho

Sub Character Design
Hiromi Taniguchi, Takao Maki, Haruhito Takada

Clothing Design
Hiromi Taniguchi

Magical Guide Design
Ebata Ringomi

Prop Design
Hiroshi Moriyama

Firearm Design
Akiho Denforword Sunashi, Otsu Naoshi

Key Animators
Shozu Ishibashi, Shin-ichi Kurita, Hiroyuki Horiuchi

Effects Director
Takashi Hashimoto

Military Research
Reiichiro Oto

Art Director
Hirao Hei

Color Design
Chiho Nakamura

Director of Photography
Shinji Shita

3DCGI Director
Mr. Takahashi

Shin Shinku Yumi

Acoustic Supervision
Iwaki Miwa

Shuzo Katayama

Animation Production

Young War Chronicle production committee

Main Cast

Tanya Degrechaf
Yuki Aki

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov (Visha)
Saori Hayami

Erich von Regen
Shinichiro Miki

Teruaki Genda

Hans von Zettour
Yoshitada Otsuka

OP / ED theme

Opening Theme

Ending Theme
“Los! Los! Los!”
Tanya Degrechaf (CV: Yuki Aki)

Source(s): Anime Paw Facebook site and Youjo Senki Official anime site.

Video Source(s): KADOKAWAanime YoutTube channel.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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