Don’t Worry, Zeon’s Got Your Back with Super Deformed Comfy Cute Cushions

17 Dec

1000110934_1By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

From the Bandai Life homeware Division comes four unique Mobile Suit Gundam cushions. As part of the Hito Yasumi Head Cushion series, the mobile suits of the Zeon army, MS-06 Zaku II, MS-06S Zaku II, MS-07 Gouf, and MS-09 Dom have been recreated in super-deformed versions. Each cushion is a hemispherical type bearing an “angular robot likeness” to the mobile suits (robots) from the series. Each mobile suit cushion comes in a different colour and each has a singular eye called the “mono eye”. Each cushion will retail for 4,104 yen ($34.79 US, $46.39 CAN, or £27.84 GBP) each (including tax, excluding shipping and handling fees).

1000110934_6The Hito Yasumi Head Cushion series is a series of anime characters reinterpreted in cushion form and follows the popular Hito Yasumi Arm Cushion series. The cushions can be used as additional back support for the office chair, a pillow at a desk for quick naps, or to decorate a room. The head cushions can be pre-ordered online at Premium Bandai or purchased at participating Japanese retail outlets at time of release.

The Gundam franchise was principally developed by renowned animator Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1979 and a revolving group of Sunrise creators who went under the collective pseudonym of “Hajime Yatate”. Gundam first appeared on television as an animated series titled Mobile Suit Gundam. Gundam can currently be seen in the hit animated series Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Full Details
Product Name: Mobile Suit Gundam Hito Yasumi Head Cushions
Price: 4,104 yen each (including tax, excluding shipping and handling fees)
Product Dimensions (approx.):
– MS-06 Zaku II: 23 x 43 x 40 cm
– MS-06S Zaku II: 38 x 43 x 40 cm
– MS-07 Gouf: 38 x 43 x 40 cm
– MS-09 Dom: 27 x 40 x 34 cm
Material: polyester
Country of Manufacture: China
Vendors: Premium Bandai, retail stores across Japan
Pre-order Duration: from Dec. 14, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. until sold out
Release Month: Late March 2017

©Sotsu Co Ltd., Sunrise Inc.


Legal Terms
※ “Mobile Suit Gundam Hitonashimi Head Cushion MS – 06S ZAKU II” has different specifications of embroidery etc from the limited item “Chia the Cushion” sold at “Gundam Front Tokyo”.
※ Product specifications may change without notice.
※ Since the photos that are posted are under development, actual products may differ slightly.
※ There is a possibility of selling at shops and events etc.

Source(s): Tokyo Otaku Mode Otaku News, Premium Bandai, and @Press.

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