Nothing Accentuates a Workspace Like Transformer Mood Lighting

mpcrafts1By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Meet Robin Song AKA Pastor Robin of MP Crafts from Auburn, Washington. He’s a bit of a whiz when it comes to LED lighting. His calling is as a Christian Pastor but his sideline is customizing Transformers toys with LEDs. For example, he sells LED Energon Cubes through his Facebook page called “Remote Powered Masterpiece Energon Cubes.” For anyone who is not a Transformer fan, they are recepiticles used by the evil Decepticons to store energy.


Song (as seen in the very first photo) has a great workspace what with his multiple computer monitors and his toy displays. Some of them are posed as if in battle (like Devastator and the Dinobots). But the full realization and beauty of his work is noticed when the lights are turned off. It is then that the scene could be compared to having miniature stars kept indoors. One can’t help but admire Song’s work and be envious of his workspace.


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Source(s): Robin Song, MP Crafts by Pastor Robin, and Transformers Generation One G1 Facebook group.

Photo Source(s): MP Crafts by Pastor Robin.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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