Wind up Geek’s Cool Japan: Halloween Means Themed Cafes and a Costumed Teru

glaylibcafehalloweenBy James Robert Shaw
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Halloween is no small trivial holiday for me. I make it a point to take a week’s vacation every year around the night of ghouls, ghosts and goblins just to celebrate it properly. Halloween like Christmas is a time for me to celebrate the three Fs, friends, food and family. Whether I am spending the year handing out candy to children or spending the night out at an event, wherever I may go, the Halloween spirit goes with me. But it is during this time of year I wish I could move at the speed of The Flash or teleport faster than an Enterprise red shirt taking his final shore leave. Sometimes borders suck and in this case not being able to spend the day at Glay Lib Cafe‘s annual Halloween celebration, sucks harder than a toothless vampire who doesn’t have the strength to open a bottle of vintage blood.

Glay Is a big deal in their home country. Since forming as a band at a Hakodate high school in 1988, they have become one of the top ten best-selling artists of all time. And if you are a Glay fan, as I have been for roughly 20 years, this comes as no surprise. To miss out on the special food, the decor, the costume contests, the official merchandise, and an appearance by Glay’s lead singer Teru makes one almost want to hop a plane and say damn all the costs (and the fear of flying). Teru appeared at least year’s event in costume where he answered questions from an audience and took photos with fans.

Teru (left) and comedian Masahiro Ehara (middle).
Teru (left) and comedian Masahiro Ehara (middle).

For this year many of the events are still in the planning stage but what is known is that there will be official goods being sold in the Official Goods area (including the Zura color contacts from Girls Party), an amusement area, a costume party photo contest with Teru, and a Teru lenticular horror show. And for those of you who are aren’t local to the area, don’t have the money to fly to Japan, or like me have a fear of flying then one can only jokingly suggest you push yourself to the physical limits soon and learn to swim with the sharks. Just remember to pack a fresh pair of underwear in a waterproof bag for the trip.

Glay Lib Cafe Happy Halloween 2016 will be held Saturday, October 15 to Monday, October 31. The location for the event is the Gay Lib Cafe in Venus Fort at 1 Chome-3-15, Aomi, Odaiba, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture.

Photo Credit(s): Masahiro Ehara.

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Author: James Robert Shaw

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