Animation Voice Over Facility, Go Studios, Ransacked by Thieves

VoiceStudioRanscakedBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

A Vancouver studio has been ransacked with more than $100,000 in production equipment taken from the premises. It seemed like an almost perfect job but what the thieves didn’t realize is their profiles were caught on camera on two different occasions. The break-in happened at Go Studios‘ East 3rd Avenue location on Thursday morning, August 4th between the hours of 6 and 7am. The two male suspects were clever with the cameras they did see but were still caught unawares by the cameras they didn’t. The cameras monitored the suspects as they went from room to room of the facility that houses casting and voice over studios. At one point one of the suspects used a 42-inch TV as a battering ram to try to gain access to other rooms that were locked. Among the items the suspects made off with were six televisions, fours computers, and hard drives.

But when the Studio’s surveillance system was checked what was almost as shocking as the break-in was discovering the same group was casing the studios two days previous. The two male suspects could be seen entering the building on Tuesday, August 2nd after 6pm, calmly walking through the building as families with children were auditioning. Nothing on this date appears to be taken. Instead, this was perhaps the one time where the group actually gave something back, after picking up a brochure, one of the two male suspects left behind his fingerprints.

Photos of the suspects will be available for viewing at the bottom of this article.

Go Studios and the Vancouver Police Department are hoping you have more information on this case. To contact the Vancouver Police Department call (604)717-3321.

Or to submit tips anonymously contact Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. You can also text Crime Stoppers by typing “BCTIP” then add the description of the crime and then send it to 274637. Tips can be submitted via online form by clicking here. Crime Stoppers does not wish to know who you are.

During the casing of Go Studios August 2nd, one of the suspects enters the building with what appears to be an empty box marked “GILDAN”, which is a Canadian company that manufactures branded clothing, including activewear. But when leaving the box is closed, and appears to have items stack on top.

On the morning of the break-in on August 4th, the suspects use at least a black fitness tote bag and black soft shell rolling luggage (the kind with an extendable handle that can be pulled behind you) as a mean to make off with some of the equipment.

Suspect #1


Suspect #2


Suspects #1 & 2

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Author: James Robert Shaw

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