Band Ja Naimon! Releases “Kimemaster” MV as Part of Pony Canyon Debut

9 May

BandJaNaimonCDBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Jpop group Band Ja Naimon! (バンドじゃないもん!) released the music video attached to their upcoming single “Kimemaster! (キメマスター!)”. The all-female idol group was transferred from Warner Music Japan to Pony Canyon in January, 2016. “Kimemaster! / Kimochi Dake Sanka Shimasu (キメマスター! / 気持ちだけ参加します。)” will be available for purchase May 18th and is the 2nd major label debut for the group formed in 2012.

“Kimemaster” is directed by Daisuke Kondon with animation by Yuka Ota and Akane Okamoto of pH Studio Inc.

Band Ja Naimon! will be performing May 17 and 18th at the Akasaka Blitz (赤坂BLITZ) in Minato, Tokyo as part of the Band Ja Naimon! nationwide Tour 2016 ~Teppen Mezasouze! Mushashugyo-hen~. Doors open at 6:15 pm (18:15) with show at 7 pm (19:00).

Band Ja Naimon! (also known as Banmon!) is an all-female jpop idol group that was formed in 2012. Originally two members, the group soon grew to a total of six females with each female representing a colour of the spectrum. Current members are Suzuhime Misako (founding member), Koishio Apple, Seven Star Gummy, Miyu Mochizuki, Sweet Summer Yuzu, and TakashiTerudai Momoko.

Band Ja Naimon! official website:


Source(s): Tokyo Girls’ Update and J-Pop Idols.

Video Source(s): ponycanyon and バンドじゃないもん!.

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