Wind up Geek’s Cool Japan: Ghost In the Shell Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

6 Feb

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Photo by ケネディ

Photo by ケネディ

Right now in Japan, there is a special campaign from February 1st to March 18th to promote cyber security awareness. The campaign is promoted through the Government of Japan and the Japan Network Security Association (JNSA), with cooperation from manga publishing company Kodansha. At different train stations especially at one of the busiest stations, Shibuya, there are large advertisements featuring the characters of the animated series Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

To coincide with this campaign, a special manga has been made available through the JNSA called Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Human-Error-Traps. There are two different options available for people to acquire the manga and these options are all through JNSA’s official website.

To download a high-resolution copy, you can click here.

For people who wish to download to their smartphones or tablets, you can click here.

Photo by ケネディ

Photo by ケネディ

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Source(s): ケネディ, Vintage Anime Fans Facebook group, and the Japan Network Security Association.

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