[Victoria, BC] IFCon to Arrange Refunds over Cancellation

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

IFCon Preview - Unicorn logoIt’s been roughly 24 hours after the official cancellation of Victoria’s Island Fantasy Convention (IFCon) and already the con’s spokesperson Ken Twyman is moving forward with plans to refund ticket sales. After IFCon’s founder Bill Code was admitted to hospital a week earlier, he is still in intensive care. Unable to carry on, the con’s committee cancelled days the event days before the convention was to take place. Today Ken Twyman posted on IFCon Victoria’s Facebook page the following statement:

“This specific post is about the following issues

Lyle’s Place
They will issue a refund to those that have purchased a ticket (s) from them. I would assume your receipt of purchase would be required to make this a stress free refund. They are happy to accommodate you.

They were informed to stop selling tickets as of yesterday and all links on our website where deleted at that time. I spoke with them this morning, as they did not return my call until this time. I am working with them to arrange for those purchased tickets to be refunded as well. Bill himself made the site where you purchased those tickets from and we are trying to gain access to the specific account to start the refund process for you. This may take more time than you are willing to be patient for. There is no magic Jeanie to give us the account info and password(s) we need.

VIP Passes and Vendors Booths etc.
We are sorting through mountains of paper work to determine who has paid, what amounts and for what. This will take us some time to sort and organize.

I have had close to 1000 messages, emails, txt messages and phone calls yesterday. I am one person doing the job of 5 people. I know most if not all of you really don’t care, nothing I can do about that. Out of respect for Bills family and Bill himself, I’m asking for your patience to deal with this situation. I am dealing with it as fast and as best as I can.

There are rumours being circulated as to the statements of Fraud. This is ridiculous for anyone to even think this or post. All copies of any slanderous or possible posts that are liable against myself, BILL CODE, his family will and have already been sent to our lawyers for review for possible civil litigation. With all due respect, this needs to stop. We are trying our best to deal with a horrible situation. Other claims have been made to the effect that a female has seen Bill and I do this previous, I find it strange she says she knows me, I don’t have a clue who she is, never heard her name before and have never done a convention with bill previous. Bill and I have had various other ventures together in the publication business. Her multiple comments in regards to this have been forwarded for Legal review.

Other issues that have been brought to my attention are the fact that Bill has not been admitted and are not as we claim. Numerous people went to the hospital to see Bill, which is very commendable, unfortunately its caused issues with his health at the same time. We have instructed the hospital to inform all inquires that he is NOT admitted for privacy reasons.

Bill’s Family and all those directly involved are working as fast as we can to address and deal with all issues, Understand Bill’s heath is the most important issue at hand. He IS fighting for his life. We want to say that we are thankful for those who have stepped up to inform you to as what the situation was/is as best as he could. I would like to say Thank-you to Randy KO for doing this for us until we were able to update you.

Finally, Bill did NOT and does NOT have any control over the ability to make any changes on the new website, this was outsourced to a private company, we have made contact and changes will be made as her time becomes available. I cant and wont make any demands on her to make the changes Instantly, I will not disrespect her in this manner
I hope this brought some clarification to the situation, Further updates will be posted asap.


IFCon Victoria’s official Facebook

IFCon Victoria’s official website

Author: James Robert Shaw

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