Is a Nacho Libre Sequel in the Cards for Jack Black?

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

JackBlackMeetingJack Black recently teased his fans with this photo posted on his official Facebook page. The photo shows both Black and actor/producer Héctor Jiménez. Black makes us wonder, is this a chance meeting or a hint for Nacho Libre 2?

The original film of 2006 saw Black play Nacho, a monastery cook who attempts to do good by winning the church orphanage a wrestling cash prize. In this film Jiménez plays street urchin Esqueleto, who becomes Nacho’s friend and tag team partner Skeleton.

Althought not a critical success, Nacho Libre was a financial one and made at least three times the earnings of the film’s budget.


Author: James Robert Shaw

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