The Minions Third Trailer Sheds a Clue with Gru?

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

despicable_me_2_minions-wideThe Minions are getting a better explanation in what they’re up to in this new trailer for their self-titled movie. Not only does it summarize the events from the previous two but also it goes into new territory. Just what this film’s story is about gets revealed, and the potential tie-in to how they met Gru — well at least the father of Dr. Nefario might have been revealed. The Queen’s royal guard who protects the Royal Crown looks suspiciously familiar. The plot to steal this piece of history is the deux et machina here, and the tale in just how well these little yellow minions will fare with their chief Scarlet Overkill (Sanda Bullock) from way back then, well 42 years before Gru, shows that no matter how hard they try, the villains just do not understand.

When they are in large group, these boys are proving to be the Keystone Cops for a new generation. When as a trio, their hijinks is like that of The Three Stooges. They’re hilarious in all the crazy hijinks they end up in. The 60’s really has to be worried, fire hydrants notwithstanding.

Author: Ed Sum

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