Japan’s New Nintendo 3DS gets the Zelda Makeover

x2v4ppynlbukki0zm9nz-1As expected and predicted by Otaku’s Vintage Tempest, Nintendo’s New 3DS — the non XL version — is getting a facelift in the form of an eloquent faceplate to have Zelda fans lusting over. The sleek black on muted black, with only a golden emblem is far more sexy to croon over than the gold brick with a painted on mask. This newer design has more of an emotional appeal to it than the fan service item that Nintendo of America is offering in its limited edition Majora’s Mask Nintendo 3DS XL model.

Sadly, this item is only available for the Japanese market, but soon, either on eBay or through online resellers, this item can become obtainable through alternative secondary sources.

No. 056 is a different design featuring the Skull Kid looking rather forlorn in misty forest. Even this design shows a love that not many other collectible art models demonstrates. Maybe it’s time to move to Japan. At least over there, the company is showing an appreciation for what fantastic art is supposed to be.

Author: Ed Sum

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