When Hyper Reality Collides: The Frame to debut this Fall

15 Aug

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Fans of mystery and the supernatural should find the trailer for The Frame engaging as they see reality and fiction collide. There’s no real interpretation as to what’s presented in this tease. The montage of shots shows a man running away from something. Juxtapose that with a closeup of an antiquated typewriter, perhaps some people will assume that he’s a writer who crafted a tale that people have read from and found its contents too much to handle. There’s no exact details as to what the plot is. For now the producers are keeping that a secret. With that philosophy, they succeeded at creating a trailer that truly draws viewers into wanting to see the movie when it releases this Fall.

The film stars newcomers David Carranza and Tiffany Mualem and features Christopher Soren Kelly from Ink.  Other cast members include: Cal Bartlett, Anthony Nuccio, Jordan Doll, Kent Randell and Shauna Earp.

Jamin and Kiowa Winans

Fans of Jamin Winans work and Double Edge Films will find his new film tantalizing. He crafted the artful sensation, Ink (2009) — a story about souls caught in a light and darkness war set in the world of the Dreamtime — and masterful Spin (aka “God is a DJ”), available on YouTube. Both his early works show a skill in mythic storytelling.

This new film may well follow a similar distribution model as Ink. It was self-distributed through the Internet via torrent sites like PirateBay. Winans and his producer/wife, Kiowa, embraced the piracy, citing the incredible exposure could only help the film. They believe that “Independent films’ largest battle is against obscurity, not piracy.”


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