The Penguins of Madagascar gets an Adorably Cute Second Trailer

7 Aug

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


More cute details are being unveiled in this new second trailer for DreamWork’s Penguins of Madagascar. Not only do fans get to see Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private as adorable little chicks in a segment revealing their humble beginnings, but also this tease may no doubt be a set up for more squeals of delight to come. Perhaps new merchandise will arise for children who want an adorable stuffed doll of their favourite penguin. If Happy Feet did not succeed in getting children to seek out those dancing toy novelties, this film will certainly do a better job at creating a marketing bonanza with its vast cast of Arctic and aquatic oddities.

Although approximately half of the trailer shows new material, the rest is recycled to help round out what the movie is about. Dave, a mad octopus, is on the rampage and he is intent on destroying the Penguins’ reputation. The trailer suggests that what they will do is going to cement them as legends in the spy world.

Two more trailers may get released when Thanksgiving Day in the States nears. Perhaps its best that the only thing served during this holiday weekend is Dave’s thirst for revenge.

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