Tsukino Con 2015 Update!

By James Robert Shaw


While attending Fan Expo Vancouver 2014, I had the pleasure of spending time at the table of one of my favourite anime conventions, Tsukino Con. During the three days of Fan Expo only, they were selling passes to the 2015 event at half the price. I parted with the bare amount of $25 for a VIP pass. Mother raised no fool.

But while more than the purchase of a pass was on my mind, I was eager to probe for any information they were willing to part with too. And with what they parted with excited me.

There is a theme to the Tsukino Con (i.e. 2013 was magical girls) every year. In 2015, big boys with mechanized toys will best be served. Boys and girls, it is time to dig out your Veritechs, your Gundams and yes, even your combiner robots. The theme for 2015 will be “Mechs!”

And my second piece of news is unconfirmed, for now, but I heard that voice artist Tracey Moore (Care Bears, Sailor Moon, and George Shrinks) may be a guest at their upcoming con.

I believe there will be as many good guests this year as there was last year and on them alone it is worth the price of admission. ButI have to keep in mind that what will help make 2015 great is what helped make 2014 such a success, and that is the fans themselves.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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