He-Man Goes on Youtube!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

He-Man 30th Anniversary DVD

80’s cartoon fans who have missed out in buying the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Commemorative Edition or think its pricing is too much, can enjoy this seminal cartoon on Youtube! New uploads are offered every Tuesday and eventually, every episode should become available.

130 episodes were made and while it may take two and half years to post the entire series online, that’s the tradeoff between getting a product for free or buying it.

But there will be more than just the episodes being offered online. Two-part episodes may get compressed into a “movie” format and Fan Edits may well be part of this package. James Eatock (co-founder of the He-Man and She-Ra Episode Review website & magazine publisher of Cereal:Geek) will be providing episode commentaries. Not only that, artwork, stills, and behind the scenes content will make up the rest. Some of the online material will no doubt be from the Commemorative collection, but this time around, this content is accessible from anywhere. Even on vacation, He-Man is not too far away!

He-Man Poster

Older fans can relive their childhood with this product, and even share it with a new generation. One of the reasons why this series is enduring is because of the positive messages it offers. These life lessons stand the test of time even though the animation has not. For the people behind this Youtube channel, hopefully they will realize what is important and upload the best of what makes He-Man a role-model than to post episodes in chronological order. They have all the time in the world to teach a new generation of viewers about how to deal with life as it comes.

Fans can subscribe to the Youtube Channel here.


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