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My role in Ultima Online was what can best be described as an addict.

Ultima Online LOGOSomewhere around the year of 1997 or 1998 I discovered a massive online game called Ultima Online. It was a huge hit at the time but I’m hard pressed today to find anyone of the new gaming generation who knows what I’m talking about.

Based off the Ultima series of PC games, Ultima Online was the creation of an eccentric nerd by the name of Richard Garriott, Lord British to his friends. Garriott went on to bigger and better things after the creation of Ultima but we’re not here to give his life story.

My role in Ultima Online was what can best be described as an addict. I played eight hours a day for years before I realized how much of my life was being sucked away on online games. During that period where I ate little and made trips to the bathroom even less, I played on multiple shards (what was known as player servers). Originally I was on Catskills but soon I sampled others available like Siege Perilous and Europa. I wasted time hanging out with people I made friends with online rather than make real friends. I joined guilds just to be around these same people.

My first gaming days were with a PvP (player vs. player) guild called Kings Cross. But being the geek I was (and still am), it only made sense I join the Catskills’ guilds Crimson Alliance (CA) and The Undead (UND, UD, EVL or U-D) for the pure role playing aspect.

This video is from 2007 (not 2008 as listed) and by then I was part of the Undead guild on a player-run shard called UO Gamers: Hybrid. Hybrid is now one of the longest serving player-run shards for the game Ultima Online.

In this video we were on one of our regular trips with the Bloodclan Orcs. Our guilds made it a point to take up positions on a hill in Delucia. The objective was to hone our battle skills, provide non role players with some in-game fun and to generally relieve our boredom. Did I mention looting other players was a bonus.

My brother played Corax while I kept my old profile of DemonRider. Bramos, the Undead member equipped with a war hammer, dies a lot in this video. Watch what is said by the orc mage (green orc mask and yellowish robe) in the top right corner. What he says at 2:24 of the video made some of us almost fall out of our chairs.


Source(s): YouTube user Gfiend100.

Author: James Robert Shaw

Making a comeback.

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