How to Fly Away with Disney’s Planes

The real big question is how well will the trilogy of films take off. Another movie is planned for 2014, titled: Planes: Fire & Rescue.

Planes_FilmPoster.jpegDisneyToon has made Planes to showcase all the various forms of vehicular transportation from a world created by PIXAR’s Cars. This animation company has produced enough products that are enjoyable for a younger audience, but for the consummate planes enthusiast, it makes a sizable dent with plenty of points to note or pick apart if this movie can be put on pause. But there is no denying that going to an air show is better than sitting in a theatre.

The highlight of this film is with seeing all the planes, trains and automobiles that populate this world. Audiences are introduced to Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook), a crop duster with some really high aspirations. He wants to compete in a high stakes race around the world. But he has one wee little problem: he has a fear of heights. Dusty is hoping a veteran plane from the World War II days, Skipper Riley (Stacy Keach), will mentor him. However, this old rust bucket is not immediately convinced.

After observing the little-plane-that-could has a lot of heart, this older war plane concedes and offers some advice so Dusty can be a top gun. In the road ahead, both of them will have to overcome obstacles, stigmas and embarrassment in order to succeed—and that’s where this movie is good. It delivers a positive message.

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