Disney Kingdom Imprints Upon Marvel Their Haunted Mansion!

The first issue of Haunted Mansion is quick to read and it does not offer any new lore that is not already known. The introduction by writer Joshua Williamson is one huge setup for the encounters Danny eventually has to face, namely in meeting the Pirate Captain and taking him down.

Haunted Mansion Comic Book CoverLong time fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction will no doubt recall the lame attempt at creating a movie universe to encompass all that is scary about the building. The representation was basically mixing up the Southern American Gothic tradition with the comedic cheekiness that only Eddie Murphy can play up. The scares were minimal, and it was more stylized in the vein of being hilarious instead of haunting. Had that film been more in the style of Tales from the Crypt, then some viewers might have appreciated the movie more.

Slave Labour Graphics Comic’s take of the mansion’s mysterious past (printed 2005-7) is a wonderful treatment. It had a great sense of novelty and esoteric design in the many stories told within its many pages about how each supernatural denizen came to reside here. Sadly this company could not afford the licensing rights to continue past seven issues.

Disney’s interest to reignite this property is different. Instead of stylized one-off tales, the first issue sets up a story arc where young Danny will have to become a hero. Sadly, this series will run for five issues, which is even shorter than the previous incarnation!

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