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Letting the Wolf Out in The Cursed

25 Feb

The Cursed movie review & film summary (2022) | Roger EbertNow Playing
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To put a unique spin on the classic werewolf legend is hard. Thankfully, writer director Sean Ellis succeeds in giving The Cursed (also known as Eight for Silver in other markets) a layer not so frequently explored. He opens the story during the Great War–to which he’s no doubt making an analogy of–and flashes back to a longer tale about why a certain individual has become seemingly immortal.

The look of 19th century France is beautifully recreated, and there’s a certain parlour of gloom foreshadowing the later acts. To say it’s a Gothic tale doesn’t reveal much. To suggest how it’s like E.A. Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher hints at more, concerning a family legacy. This film deals with how brother and sister are doing their best, especially when burdened by the sins of their father in their continued life….

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