On Why We Want to Believe with Jason Hewlett, JoBlo.com & Vancouver Paranormal

“I think when the first television shows came along, the people didn’t expect to become famous. At a certain point, especially if you’re on a network, you’re going to bow to that network’s demand. You can’t have a show where nothing happens. We hope we get a case where we find nothing. We want to be the first.

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

To make a mark in the paranormal pop culture scene requires a schtick network television and mainstream movies rarely want to play up. We Want to Believe is not so much about exploring the wilds of Supernatural British Columbia than Super, natural as it’s actually marketed. Instead, it’s to reveal to enthusiasts of such occult-type television programming a web series can hold a viewer’s attention much better in a shorter, digestible format!

The show’s genesis came from Jason Hewlett, who originally thought of making an audio podcast after spending a few years with the Vancouver Paranormal Society (VPS). He has his own show, works for the Kamloops Daily News covering local crime and is a voice on Radio NL 610 AM before bringing his skills to the group. All it took was believing there was something under the bed as a child and finding something weird–perhaps druidic–on a hike once at Shuswap Lake later in his years.

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