In The Lebanese Burger Mafia, Who’s The Don?

Everything you want to know about the sordid history of the Burger Baron is revealed in The Labanese Burger Mafia, and it’s deliciously hiliarous and revealing!

The Lebanese Burger Mafia Promotional PosterTheatrical Screenings
Beginning Dec 5, 2023 

When there are tons of franchise chains operating out of North America, much less the world, there are tons to choose from and Omar Mouallem’s thinks it’s best to examine The Lebanese Burger Mafia. Here, he intends to find out why people from his country are the owners and operators of each Burger Baron operation, and from there, he connects the dots to answer the age-old question: who owns this franchise now?

Here, the families who still operate these businesses are happy with what they built. For one filmmaker who says he’s the heir to the this hamburger franchise, the big question is does he have full rights to this name when he truly takes over? In what hs explores is not only eye opening but also will whet some appetites!

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