What can go Wrong when the New Gods: Nezha Reborn Mythology Goes Cyberpunk?

This movie starts off strong with its introductions, but sadly Nezha Reborn loses steam by the end of the second act.

New Gods Nezha Reborn Original Chinese PosterAvailable to view on Netflix
Light Chaser Animation Studio

The release of Nezha Reborn in America may well be late, since the debut doesn’t coincide with any national holiday. In China, it hit theatres for Chinese New Year, and just how it fared was reasonable, raking in approximately 21 million in US dollars according to reports. This post-modern take is confusing. The visual elements are not altogether steampunk and not fully cyberpunk either. Had it been one than the other, I’d be more intrigued with the world building going on. 

Li Yunxiang (Yang Tianxiang) is a reincarnation of the god, and when compared to the other version from the Fengshen Cinematic Universe, I prefer the spunky miscreant child over this young adult. I kept on wanting to shout Kaneda! The dystopian vibe is straight out of Akira, and the plot deals with how a mega-corporation wants to control everything in Donghai city.

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