Dark Horse Comics, Ed’s Picks of June and July 2016

Dark Horse LogoBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

As the month of June winds down and I need comics to read as those dog days of summer approaches, I’ve amassed enough graphic novels and comics to make my local comic shop owner give the thumbs up. A few have yet to be released, and thanks to Dark Horse Comics for providing enough of a sample to know I should start adding more titles to my comic book store’s subscription box. My picks range from all-ages (kid friendly) to ultra-violent (not so kid friendly).

Nothing against the superhero genre, but when this company does more for the independents and carries quite a few horror titles, I know where my money is going. Plus, with the Hellboy saga over, I hope an omnibus is being planned. I have lost track of the reading order and a collection can make for a perfect Halloween treat.

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