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Ainbo, Spirit of the Amazon, Where Forth Art Thou?

27 Feb

Ainbo Theatrical Release Poster.jpgAinbo, Spirit of the Amazon, has done a world tour and the last place this film hasn’t properly visited is North America. This work isn’t listed for theatres (and streaming) yet, and that’s odd when considering its potential. Although developed for General audiences, hopefully other animation enthusiasts can get on board its message of saving forests far and wide.

It’s a beautifully animated film that instils wonder of what life must be like in this region and how unique the indigenous culture here is. At first, I thought the people were of Mayan descent but instead, they’re just Amazonians. An amusing bit of historical inaccuracy is why do they know English? Suspension of belief is needed to get through this fantasy which takes more than a few cues from a certain powerhouse from Anaheim, California.

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