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Where Have Comic Collectors Gone? Is the Love for the Medium in Trouble?

17 Feb
By Ed Sum (A Comic Collector and Reader)

By Ed Sum a comic collector and reader–holding the holy grail of them all! Spider-Man’s first apperance in Amazing Fantasy.

Buying comics used to be a big hobby for baby-boomers two decades ago, and for appreciators of sequential art, it still is. But if one thinks the printed medium is worth something, I feel that newer titles are harder to resell at full market value. Comic collectors are sort of everywhere, but nobody is really speculating these days. Getting your hands on golden age titles, like the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy (see left) requires re-mortgaging your home for a mint condition edition stored in a mylar strength bag.

Today, most people in their 30’s to late 70’s just buy to read, and a handful of these readers stores them in a comic bag and backing board. That’s a sign of a collector. Al Coccola has been in this hobby for more than 50 years. And on the retail side that’s what both managers Bill Rice of Curious Comics and Gareth Gaudin of Legends find as part of their customer base.

“It’s a love affair with the object itself,” says Chris A. Bolton, writer of Seattle-based Smash Comic.

He believes investors have climate-controlled attics with rare comics, and speculators with 20 copies of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 are hoping that it’ll be worth millions one day. They’re also known as investors.

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