5000 Space Aliens is Coming November 21st! Are You Ready to Have Your Mind Blown?

Scott Bateman believes movies should do other things as well, and still be fun and entertaining to watch. He said, “With 5000 Space Aliens, I set out to create an entertaining, non-narrative film.”

5000 Space Aliens Publicity StillDirector Scott Bateman & Producer Lucas A. Ferrara are excited to share the trailer for their new genre-bending animation, 5000 Space Aliens, which is coming to digital download worldwide from 21st November. 

Imagine meeting a space alien. Now imagine meeting one space alien every second. This is what happens when what Bateman presents is found footage, vintage photo studio pictures from Venezuela and Romania, scraps from a 100-year-old psychology textbook, and more into 5000 one-second shots of animated characters. Instead of a typical narrative, 5000 Space Aliens is more like a ride: You just let the hypnotic rhythm of images wash over you. This one-of-a-kind animated extravaganza was made by just one animator, director Scott Bateman.

This filmmaker also created the electronic-tinged soundtrack. FilmThreat said, “Groundbreaking style. The future has landed!” Get ready for an exciting new cinematic experience!

On making the film, he said, “Storytelling is everywhere these days, it’s ridiculous. But not everything has to tell a story. I believe movies can do other things as well, and still be fun and entertaining to watch. So with 5000 Space Aliens, I set out to create an entertaining, non-narrative film.

5000 Space Aliens Still

5000 Space Aliens has a visual rhythm of one shot per second, and it is an absolutely hypnotising movie-going experience. It’s like a ride: you don’t have to think, you just let it wash over you. The music acts as a thread through the whole film, your friend who’s on the ride with you.

“I’m very happy that it all worked. This is a very fun movie to watch with a group of friends at home or in a theatre. There are so many “What did I just see?” moments, and it’s highly re-watchable.

“But also, I wanted to make a film but had no money at the time. So I was looking for a way I could make a movie all by myself. This was a fun challenge, as it’s been one so rarely. I did all this animation, created all this music, did the editing, all of it. I had a blast making this film, and I’m so happy it’s a blast, so audiences can experience this groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind film. There’s never been another film like this.”

5000 Space Aliens Trailer

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