What’s Next for Ninjago in 2023?

After giving the entire 16 season series many views over the holidays and into the new year with the knowledge of their future, upcoming seasons have been foreshadowed for Ninjago in 2023. 

LEGO Ninjago in 2023The LEGO Ninjago animated series isn’t over. Although Crystalized concluded with an epilogue showing Sensei Wu, Lloyd, Jay, Cole, Nya and Zane rebuilding, what’s slated for the future may well be akin to Star Trek: The Next Generation. After giving the entire 16 season series many views over the holidays and into the Lunar New Year with the knowledge of their future, upcoming seasons have been foreshadowed for Ninjago in 2023.

One major example includes Wu often mentioning how one can’t mess with “The Hands of Time,” which started in season two’s “Child’s Play.” It seems Wu knew a lot more than the Ninja when they got turned into kids, and had to use a potion to restore them back into young adults, along with Lloyd. This later season would also see Wu age and get thrown to a void, only to be reborn as a baby and relearn everything, which demonstrates how cyclic this series’s narrative is.

In another instance, Nya’s desire to be part of the team was heard by Wu in as early as season one and by season five, she gets the training to awaken her Water Ninja ability. Sadly, she loses it all and resumes the mantle of Samurai X.

LEGO Ninjago Familes Matter

In season three (“Rebooted”), the nature of the universe was affirmed when Misako, Lloyd’s mother, said The Overload would always raise a stone army and mentioned how the battle would happen time and time again. Despite being entombed by the First Ninjitsu Master, he was destined to find freedom to resume the fight with his descendents.

Another tease concerns Garmadon and his origins. As revealed in the latest season, he created this herald by influencing the snake that bit him. The relationship is no different from that of The Emperor and Darth Vader. The fact the early seasons even uses bits of dialogue from Star Wars only affirms this fact; to see Lloyd desperately want to restore his father’s faith isn’t too different from what Luke did for Anakin. Thankfully, Garmadon’s death, rebirth, and return to humanity is just as equally charted. In theory, more tales may turn him into Ninjago’s saviour. After all, he helped his son reach his greatest potential

As a result, Lloyd is fully recognized as the Master, and the old gang will need something new to stay busy. I predict they may set up new schools to teach others the Elemental ways of Spinjitzu. They will be around as recurring characters, whilst another generation will become the focus as they deal with potentially returning threats.

LEGO Ninjago - Legacy Screenshot

If the leak about the next toy sets are true for Ninjago in 2023, then we will see this new cast just as involved in what’s still to come. It’s also possible that the series will jump a decade to show the old team with children. In this potential future, Lloyd and company will teach Ras, Sora and Ari the ways of Spinjitzu. Until official information is released, just who they are is anyone’s guess.

These characters may well be the sons and daughters of the original team. They should have an affinity with an element because Kai and Nya did inherit their power.

From previous seasons, namely in “Grave Danger,” (Season 5) all those looks at how they would appear older can finally be put to practise. Jay gets his eye patch and everyone is older. Conversely, in “The Explorers Club” (Season 11), the two who see their greatest fears (or perhaps also their future) also materialise. Nya no longer has any powers and Zane without a body. I predict this next season will see him evolve past his need to maintain a body. He is a program that can be uploaded/downloaded to any supercomputer or android body at any time he wishes.

Although the series never showed the nindroid crafting his new titanium body, it no doubt happened before Tournament of the Elements (Season 4). Also, the jump back and forth to the digital realm was reused in “Prime Empire” (Season 12). If Unagami can do it, so can Zane.

LEGO Ninjago - Kai and Skylor

As for the others, I believe Kai and Skylor will finally become a couple. It’s possible they’ll marry and have a child, thus explaining one toy set where Kai and Ras are a tag team fighting group. That may be a lot for Ninjago in 2023 to reveal, but I feel it’s coming.

Cole might still be single. However, the episode “Shintaro” (Season 13) heavily implies he’s attracted to Princess Vanya, and to bring two kingdoms together would mean the world is more united than ever. Her desire for him to stay in “The Son of Lily,” may well suggest reciprocal interest, but I think it is a hint he’ll change jobs; he may become a diplomat.

When considering the armies from the sea and sky join forces during the finale of Crystalised, it’s possible a United Nations has been created. Someone has to be president, and this Master of Earth is a great candidate since his element exists in the middle. To unite the worlds would live up to the spirit of what LEGO is, bringing people together.

But as for the future, Sensei Wu’s departure is very likely. And as for where he has gone, it’ll be explained by Lloyd. He may simply say uncle joined the First Spinjitzu Master in the realm he once visited himself, known as The Grasslands. I liken this world to The Field of Reeds from Ancient Egyptian lore because in the World History Encyclopedia, this realm is where, “Death was not the end of life but a transition to another part of one’s eternal journey (1).”

Ever since season eleven has shown the team visiting other realms, I’m hopeful more world hopping is being planned for Ninjago in 2023. Although some have merged with others and not all of them have been identified, it’s possible to have another adventure in a strange, exciting world going forward. When considering all that’s been revealed in the toy set titles and revealed in the series–along with being confirmed with the toy list–the dragons will be back and taking the team to all new realms.

Ultimately, the writers of the series isn’t saying anything about what’s being planned. I’m concerned about whether they can do it without Tommy Andreasen. I believe he’s been more instrumental in the design of the animated series than the voice on Twitter to reveal things to come. but now that he’s left this series to produce other media, someone will have to replace him. Thankfully, he’s still working for The LEGO Company in new projects, and let’s hope they include new animated series too.

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