Ninjago Crystalized Part Two Trailer Analysis. Best Takes #spoileralert

We examine the latest Ninajgo Crystalized trailer, and predict what part two will entail.

Crystalized Part Two Opening ShotAlthough The LEGO company has not officially posted the Crystalized part two trailer on their YouTube page, it can be found. Many hardcore fans have given their breakdown, and what I offer (late in the game) are the best confirmations and takeaways based on what else has been released at the time as a toy, in print, and looking back.

After reading the next issue of Garmadon the comic book, there’s still no reveal in why this former despot returns. But I suspect the release of the last issue in October will say more to connect what’s become of him to why he’s back in the animated series.

I’m pleased to see in the opening shot, P.I.X.E.L. has at least one tiny little version(s) of herself as she, Wu and Nya watch their base burn down. It was attacked by The Crystal King and as it burns down, so does this team’s hope. It’s possible it’ll be rebuilt with the help of all of P.I.X.E.L.’s tiny helpers. They no doubt helped her build all the vehicles and other gadgets the team used in the past.

Two other interesting details which I caught include seeing Wu rush into battle with a hammer, of all things! I presume we’ll see which element he was the master of. It’d be sweet if we learn he’s the steel ninja (sorry Zane). Also, there’s the opportunity of Nya getting back her water powers. I find this potential to take back jarring, since it invalidates the entirety of her sacrifice from the previous season. All I desire is a final hour moment where the last of her power is awakened to save the day, and she passes.

Without more scenes, it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on. We hear from Cole saying, “I just got you back,” so he is concerned about losing her again.

The Crystal King wants to destroy the delicate balance between light and darkness in Crystalized Part Two. He later says, “There will be peace in the dark.” And, of course, he wants to rule this new world. It’s nice to see Garmadon’s return, and for him to say an Oni can defeat this person narrows the possibility of whether the Crystal King was once an Oni too. Because Lloyd is of half blood, I wonder if he can outwit the King. We might see him learn how to embrace the Dark Side much like Luke Skywalker did during Return of the Jedi.

Lloyd turns Oni

However, talk in the fan communities suggests The Overlord is the Crystal King’s true identity, and I’m uncertain if this return is needed. He’s been defeated twice before, and it’s better to retire him. And as for whether this theory is true means waiting. I’m considering the fact that this villain shoots electricity and I’ll have to rewatch those early seasons to confirm. Because of this delay, that’s why I haven’t posted sooner, but I can say there’s allegations to him having new abilities after being in the digiverse, but it’s no affirmation.

To look at two different evils at odds isn’t all that original these days. I hope other subplots exist to round out Crystalized Part Two. Sadly, after this run, a new saga will begin. This interpretation of the Ninjago team will be sadly retired. As a result, some fans will be happy and others sad. Without this group that many have grown up with, it’s likely that the animated series won’t have the same panache that we all love. The LEGO branding will persist, but as for giving us characters to like, it’s tough to say they’ll be liked. I was re watching the newest version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my greatest turn off is their redesign.

I believe the New Ninja may be the future. They did not appear at all in this trailer and let’s hope they are not the party that this series will shift focus on. I’d rather have a s based on the adventures of the newspaper delivery kids, like a certain Amazon series, or where The First Ninja Master is the focus. As for trying to show us all new figures, loving them will be hard. Even though Star Trek: The Next Generation had a rocky start when it first aired, let’s hope the squad behind this series can learn off that to give us a continuation to adore.

Lego Ninjago Crystalized Part Two Trailer (Unofficial)

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