SpinMaster & DC’s Plans for The Batman Merch!

Spinmaster and DC partnered up to craft this line of The Batman merchandise.

batmobileComing to toy stores are plenty of The Batman merchandise even this cape crusader may well want to rig up as vehicular drones. RC car enthusiasts can check out the Turbo Boost model over the regular release. Both have different features to make blazing in the night and scaring cats easy.

Spinmaster and DC partnered up to craft this line of wave one merchandise. It’s safe to say the release of The Riddler is waiting in the wings after the film’s hits cinemas March 4th. Be warned though, the following contains an image of the re-imagined Penguin and he doesn’t look too happy.

Batmobile 4-inch Scale, MSRP $36.99, Ages 4+.

The movie look-a-like Batmobile comes loaded with features including LED engine lights, headlights, and an undercarriage residual glow that truly makes it come to life! Level up your missions with life-like engine sounds. It even includes a 4-inch Batman figure!

Turbo Boost Batmobile RC, MSRP $48.99, Ages 4+

Wheelie into action with this movie themed Batmobile. This can be activated with just the push of a button and drivers can marvel at how well this high-performance RC hit turbo speeds. The custom controller is even designed after the Batman symbol Watch as the rear engine flame lights up as you accelerate into Gotham City!


Batman 12-inch Feature Figure
MSRP $23.99, Ages 4+

Continue fighting crime in Gotham City with this 12-inch Batman Feature Figure with expanding wings! Just press the belt buckle to open the wings, and you’re ready to start your mission. This all-black suit also has a light up feature and awesome sound effects that activate when you press the Bat-symbol on his chest!

From left to right: Batman 4-inch Action Figures, Batman, Selina Kyle, Penguin
MSRP: $8.99, Ages 4+ 

Recreate epic crime fighting scenes with Wingsuit Batman, Selina Kyle, and Penguin, based on the upcoming Batman movie! Each figure features 11 points of articulation and comes with three accessories and an Evidence Collector Card.

batcion figures

Batman 12-inch Action Figures, Batman and Selina Kyle
MSRP: $10.49, Ages 4+

Each 12-inch action figure features 11 points of articulation and a detailed sculpt with true to film movie styling. Engage your imagination and pose Batman and Selina Kyle as you play out your own Batman storylines!

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