F9’s Home Video is “All In” the Retrospective

The wait is certainly worthwhile for the featurettes offered in the home video release than seeing the film.

F9: The Fast Saga (Blu-ray 2021) Region free !!! - Blu-Ray MoviesBy Ed Sum
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The extra six minutes of footage added to the recent Fast & Furious 9 Blu-ray release doesn’t amount to too much for those curious. Aside from Dom (Vin Diesel) and Jakob (John Cena) Toretto’s drag race, and some romantic interest with the younger kid and Letty, the rest felt more like short extensions to a few scenesss. But for those who missed seeing this movie on the big screen because of a certain global pandemic, the wait is certainly worthwhile for the featurettes offered than seeing the film. Those with an ATMOS home sound system will enjoy the audio workout this movie delivers.

“F9: All In” details the family as they were introduced in the past films, the people who wanted to get into this world and then some! It’s 46minutes long! The added pieces, “Practically Fast” and “Shifting Priorities” add to the documentary and it delves into the 20 years of the franchise as fans wait for the finale to this franchise.

The concept behind all the films is about how Fast and Furious Dom and his crew can get the mission done. They go through a lot of impossible mission style quests, and eventually their invincibility must end, sad to say. It’s well known the tenth film is set for 2023 release and the final, perhaps a year after.

There’s even “A Day on Set with Justin Lin,” which gives viewers an idea of what production is like. Thi piece accompanies the traditional set of inclusions, namely a gag reel, director’s commentary and a segment that’s entire all about John Cena.

It’s not surprising a lot of the close-up scenes are filmed with a green-screen and all the moving effects are digital. Lin wants his cast to be safe than reckless behind the wheel. It makes me want to rethink how much post production was done to make this franchise what it is. The truly enjoyable moments are when stunt drivers are behind the wheels when the camera’s rolling. You can feel the intensity. 

F9 has literally gone over the top by sending certain individuals to space, but just how much crazier can the franchise get? We won’t know until F10 and 11–an unusual number to end the series with–are released.

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