Reprinting H.P. Lovecraft’s Best as a Graphic Novel & Caliber Comics

12 Sep

(The Vintage Tempest)

Caliber Comics is reprinting their line of H.P. Lovecraft graphic novels and this run is nearly complete. Their previous collected volumes are still available to purchase, albeit in short supply, but when readers are only after specific adaptations, the following individual releases can be found on Amazon USA: The Lurking Fear, The Tomb, The Alchemist, Beyond The Wall of Sleep, Music of Erich Zann, Dagon, Arthur Jermyn and The Picture In The House.

The Statement of Randolph Carter is the last to not yet receive a new print run. Diamond Comics Distributors don’t keep enough stock so anyone ordering via their local comic store is out of luck. I tried. When I’m comparing editions, it seems Dagon is one volume that has two displaced pages, or should that be reorganized? 

In these individual releases, Lovecraft’s prose is also included so readers can compare and contrast between the visual and written work. Unlike the bigger trades, no accompanying prose is included.

Sergio Cariello‘s rustic style is suitable for conveying part of the dread Lovecraft tries to imbue in his words. Instead of providing full colour illustrations, his B&W artwork conveys the gothic well. 

Although I won’t buy all these reprints, I was curious in what the difference is between editions. It’s important to know how they differ from the previous. I hope Caliber can add to their license with some new tales instead of rinse and repeat. 

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