Scoob! Without the Doo?

19 May

Scoob 2020 film poster.pngBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

* Spoiler Alert

It’s not tough to know what the minds behind Scoob! are up to in this reboot of a beloved franchise. This modern update is a mixed bag, designed with moments to appease long-time fans and have a plot for dog-lovers to enjoy. Plus, there are a few in-jokes that pays tribute to this series’ humble beginnings.

This film serves to reintroduce the gang and set up the fact other Hanna-Barbera properties can come in. I’m all for the shared universe and hope to see Space Ghost!

In what I miss is the completely supernatural angle of the gang busting ghosts. Hopefully later films will address this shortcoming, but as for bringing Blue Falcon and Dynomutt in, the idea is not new; they’ve teamed up before. The idea in this story is to explore man’s relationship with their beloved canine between different series. The same rule is applied for Dastardly, but where’s Muttley?

After enough adventures, the gang is ready to formalize their career as paranormal detectives. As for where scaredy cats Shaggy and Scoob fit in, they are out! (according to Simon Cowell).

To not bring back Matthew Lillard–who just nails everything I loved from the original performances from Casey Kasem and Scott Innes of Shaggy–feels wrong. Will Forte fails when he he doesn’t have that trademark rasp. Grey DeLisle is the perfect successor to Heather North for Daphne, and I’m in the fence when the role is now given to Amanda Seyfried. Though for the speckled brains of the gang, my money will always be with Mindy Cohn than Gina Rodriguez. When the first act plays tribute to the series that began it all, to not give the previous talents a chance to continue feels like the wrong move.

Thankfully, Frank Welker remains. He used to voice both Fred (Zac Efron takes over in this film) and Scooby. Without him continuing to vocalize this lovable mutt, I doubt anyone can replicate that trademark raff he has.

3½ Scooby Snacks out of 5

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