Dark Horse Comic’s Crone to Arrive Nov 6th!

CroneArt: Justin Greenwood
Colors: Brad Simpson
Letters: Pat Brosseau

Spoiler Alert

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

When a comic book is simply titled, Crone, some readers may think it’s a work developed for the Halloween season. After all, the name implies an old witch, well practised in eldritch magiks.

Instead, it’s a fantasy epic. Bloody Bliss was once a beautiful red headed champion in the likes of Red Sonja and her reputation was to be feared. Over the years she never lost the fire. The only problem was with time; it is cruel and she has not died in the field of glory like she hoped. She’s not like those immortal valkyries.

As she enters the twilight of her years, she’s better known as the Crone of the mountains–hence this book’s title. She is called upon for one more adventure. A brutal barbarian by the name of D’kayde is back and terrorizing the lands. One village is destroyed and only Bliss knows how to handle him.

My guess is that this series will chronicle Bliss’ dealing with him through many flashbacks before the big confrontation. His rise to power needs to be explained and as for how many issues this series will run for is unknown. Instead of a mini series the cover suggests it’ll be an ongoing title. We will see the beauty become the Crone. I’m betting a greater destiny is in store for her, where she becomes a guardian of yore or a goddess to reign in the next sovereign of this world.

This fantasy comic feels like it’s set in a pseudo Germanic world. Writer Dennis Culver certainly makes connections to Xena: Warrior Princess plenty of times, and the final art page suggests Bliss once had a close companion. Only later issues will reveal who she is, and I’ll certainly be paying attention to how this detail unfolds. I feel this relationship will be key to explaining why Bliss has become what she is at present, and perhaps there’s more to know about this ol’ crone than meets the eye–otherwise why else is she asked to face an old enemy?

Author: Ed Sum

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