Happy Mother’s Day! Top Five Mums We Love in Pop Culture

12 May

Today, we celebrate motherhood all around the world. In pop culture, the list of television, literary, comic book or film mamas have done more to comfort, nurture and support in times of need. When you need a hug, they are there. When you need help, they have advice, and when you go on that first date… well, you know the rest.

In many tales, just how they help can be broken down to literary tropes. In no particular order:

null 10Marion Cunningham
Happy Days

This 70s program looked at simpler times. It’s not to say this era did not have its own representative with Carol Brady, but there were plenty of moms to look up to when television of this era featured many shows extolling the virtues of a nuclear family. The sheer amount of programs available includes memorable characters like Edith Bunker (Archie), Bonnie Franklin (One Day at a Time) and Shirley Jones (The Patridge Family) are just a sampling. A separate article could be made of those from the 60s to 80s.

However, some of us here at Otakunoculture up watching Happy Days more than any other shows, and its the only program that comes back to MeTV. Other shows do not get as much of their fair share (Brady Bunch being the exception). Marion did a better job at keeping the family happy in more ways than one. She was more than a mother to Richie, the main character and The Fonz was no exception.

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Martha Kent

Many variations of this character graced media throughout the years. She’s a figure that’s always been there for Clark Kent since coming alive in print back when Action Comics #1 debuted in 1939.

From the original comics to the 1988 cartoon series to Smallville and Superman: The Animated Series, she was the wise sage,  and together, with Jonathan, taught young Clark (and ourselves) good virtues to live by.

No matter which version is loved, she stands by their family and supports everyone thick and thin.

null 12

The Queen Mother

This character differs from other moms, and no Dark Hore Comics iteration can be complete without an encounter by this matriarch!

She will protect her entire brood! Despite representing the violent side of maternal instincts, this alien deserves an entry in this list, no matter what.

null 13

Molly Weasley
Harry Potter series

The warmth this character exudes says everything about how she supports everyone she takes in as family, including Harry Potter. The books offer more to explore with this character and the cinematic version had the right actress in mind (Julie Walters) to nail her feistiness to the teeth.

Like The Queen Mother, anyone who challenges her children will see a side that will send many screaming for their own mommy.

null 14

The Incredibles

The theme in this list is in how mama will do whatever she must to keep her family together. She’s more of a modern mom than others and represents the 21st-century aesthetics well. As interpretations of this role changes over the years, we have to remember mothers have more to deal with. Between work and home-life, balancing everything is a lot more difficult and this series has a lot to explore should the franchise continue.

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