Social Media Meme, Smug Wendy, Gets Her Own Anime Opening

Smug WendyBy James Robert Shaw
(The Wind up Geek)

If you’ve been following social media then you may know the back story to the Smug Wendy meme that has been making the rounds. If you don’t, the meme originated after an exchange on Twitter on April 10, 2017. It was the result of two corporate giants, two powerhouses in the world of the North American number one love, burgers. It all started when Twitter users @jstaff15 (Joey Staffileno) and @phelps_ryan (Ryan Phelps) debated which burger chains “4 for 4” deal was better, Wendy’s or Hardee’s. While Hardee’s was praising Phelps, Wendy’s was not without a retort.

Smug Wendy

But not one to walk away with their tail between their legs Hardee’s replied as best as they knew how, only to have their hamburger house burn to the ground, ignited by a classic burn from Wendy’s.

Smug Wendy

After the smoke cleared, user @professorSugoi tweeted on April 14th several anime depictions of Wendy’s mascot (who is based on founder Dave Thomas’ daughter Wendy) with the caption ““100% convinced that @Wendys is a smug anime girl.”

Smug Wendy

YouTube group Otaku-Vs has taken the Smug Wendy persona and has given her own anime opening (OP). The video parodies Gainax’s Neon Genesis Evangelion. Titled Wendyvangelion, the video uses Evangelion‘s OP song “Zankoku na Tenshi no” performed by Yoko Takahashi. The video looks to go viral after receiving 222,000 views in just under 48 hours.

While one enjoys the Smug Wendy creation, let’s see how long it will take for someone in Japan to realize Smug Wendy bears a striking resemblance to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables. Smug Anne anyone?

Video Source(s): Otaku-Vs.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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