Starbucks Japan Announces 2017 Lineup of Sakura Drinks and Drinkware

starbuckssakura20171By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

President and CEO of Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd., Takafumi Mizuguchi, announced the 2017 line of sakura themed products to mark Japan’s celebration of cherry blossom season. Products such as tumblers, mugs and Starbucks cards will be available for a limited time through Starbucks Japan stores nationwide (excluding some stores) and through online ordering.

Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino® with Crispy Swirl/Sakura Blossom Cream Latte

People will be able to tell the seasons have changed by sampling the taste of spring as imagined by Starbucks Japan. The Sakura Blossom Frappucino with Crispy Swirl (570-650 yen) and Sakura Blossom Cream Latte (430-550 yen) will both contain a milk sauce imbued with Sakura’s flowers and leaves, condensed milk and white bean paste jam, with maple-flavoured whip cream. The drinks are then topped with pink balls made from roasted mochi rice and pink chocolate shavings made to resemble cherry blossom petals.

The drinks will be available on Starbuck’s menu from February 15 – March 14, 2017.

Besides their limited edition drinks Starbucks will also be releasing two design collections of Sakura themed drink bottles, mugs, and tumblers.



Harmony’s design offers not only sakura flowers but other spring flowers found within Japan. The flowers are set against bright shades of colour that will warm not only the body but the spirit of coffee drinkers everywhere.



Purity’s colours are softer and less pronounced as the Harmony collection. Only the sakura flower is focused on when it comes to Purity’s design. The Purity collection will be released March 1, 2017.


And visiting Starbucks will allow you to use “Sakura Snap” and dress your photo in one of 40 different frames distributed among the 1,200 Starbucks stores in Japan. If you read the QR code with your mobile phone and then snap a photo with the launched camera, the image processed with the original frame design will be completed. The first batch of designs will be available February 15-28 while the second will be available March 1-14.

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Photo Source(s): Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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