Wind Up Geek’s Cool Japan: Toilet Paper for Smartphone Found at Tokyo Airport

docomovid2By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

One has heard of the tech that can be found within a Japanese toilet and for those of us who have actually visited or now live in Japan, you can experience it firsthand. But now people can experience the next level at a Tokyo airport. Tokyo’s Narita International Airport in partnership with Japan’s communication giant NTT Docomo are adding an extra service to your stay in the country that still tries to lead the world in new innovations and at the same time change the way we think. Visitors to Japan are being offered Smartphone toilet paper so that you may wipe your communication device and wipe yourself all in one visit to their facilities.

According to the instructional video How To Use Toilets in Japan on NTT Docomo’s official YouTube channel, Smartphones are said to carry more than five times the germs found on a toilet seat. The video offers instruction on how to use both traditional and western style toilets and gives names on different techniques used for cleaning your posterior. It may give one shock if it was discovered Sumo’s Yokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho uses the “Tornado” when using a toilet’s shower.


The new Smartphone toilet paper can be found in several of the airport’s washrooms. According to BBC News, local media have cited Docomo as saying the paper will remain at Narita until March of 2017. That means there is still time for many foreigners to test out Docomo’s Smartphone wipes. But when encountering the extra service for the first time, there is one thing that should be agreed upon, wipe your phone before you wipe yourself.


Source(s): BBC News.

Video Source(s): docomoOfficial.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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