The Mummy. Hammer Comics Gets ‘Fresh.’

15 Dec

184068_1011544_1003By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Hammer Comics’ The Mummy is looking to bring back the film studio’s trademark style of terror. The afterward in the first issue by film historian Marcus Hearn explained executive producer Michael Carreras never lost sight of the fact that The Mummy was aimed squarely at the audience who love X-rated horror. The comic nicely continues in this tradition. While the creative team is cheating by taking cues from the upcoming film of the same name starring Tom Cruise with two sexy mummies causing havoc, I’m okay with that.

Ronilson Freire’s art nicely follows along the style presented from the early Hammer films and the period look is well-researched. Unlike cinematic treatments from classic Hammer era, to create that mystical world of the Duat would only look cheesy. The comic medium is perfect to bring to the Duat (the Egyptian Underworld) to life.

The first issue sets up the situation where Priestess Nebetah is ready to be judged in the weighing of the heart with Osiris presiding. Instead, Anubis intercepts and as for why, the answer will not be immediately known. While the spirit is waiting for a vessel to possess, Angelina Kostenko is not going to be so willing.

In the land of the living, the cult of Anubis worshippers is looking to prolong their life. Every 30 years, they must find the perfect female victim to embalm and bring back to undead life, only to drink its blood. Their goal is a simple one, but when their latest prisoner escapes, the hunt is on! I find myself enjoying the narrative Peter Milligan has crafted. He honours the mysteries while still giving the atypical twist (the gods are evil) typically found when depicting the ancient gods.

The next issue (slated for Dec 21st release) will track the fate of Kostenko. However, this company is not known for making every release date as it is listed (it had a previous entry of Dec 7th). If this company’s track record of when How to Train Your Dragon mini graphic novels released are any indication, there might be a wait. When the date arrives, hopefully the next issue will be in my subscription box at my local comic store. I really want to unwrap and put my fingers into the next issue.

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