Muggles Produce Harry Potter Christmas Trees To Rival that of Hogwarts’ Great Hall

harry-potter-great-hall-decorationBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

It’s Christmas time, that time of year with a magic all it’s own. But one doesn’t need to be a wizard to whip yourself up a Harry Potter Christmas. Two fans of the Harry Potter series of books, created by J.K. Rowling, have created the ultimate wizarding tree complete with Hogwarts’ Sorting Hat where an angel or star would be.

This first tree is designed by Hanah Lee Keirsey, owner of Keirsey Kreations of West Helena, Arkansas. Hanah made all of the ornaments, the Hogwarts house flags and the tree skirt herself.


Kiersey’s work can be viewed through photos available in the Room of Requirement Facebook group. Visit to see more.

The next tree was decorated by Kathryn Burnett of Seaham, United Kingdom. Burnett’s tree is more for those who aren’t as artistic as Keirsey. Burnett collected most of the objects seen in the photos below from 11 visits to Warner Bros. Studios. It took Burnett eight hours to decorate but her hard work has not gone unnoticed. Burnett’s tree has received over 117,000 likes on Facebook, international media attention, and a stamp of approval (a Facebook like) by none other than J.K. Rowling herself.


To view more photos of Burnett’s tree, visit her Facebook profile by clicking this link:

Author: James Robert Shaw

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