Japanese Comic Kaori’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Parody

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Ever wonder how the Japanese keep everything so tidy, their streets so clean, and their essential services running so smoothly? Well, half of that answer is the pride in their work. The other half may be that cleaning is just so sexy. But sometimes even the Japanese will go too far. As Japan’s only bilingual single female standup comedian Kaori will show, there is enough booty (‘oshiri’ in Japanese) shaking by her to power a jack hammer.

This song Hotline Clean is a parody song of Hotline Bling by Canadian actor and recording artist Drake. The video contains some behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers. But before the making of footage the viewers will be introduced to parody singer and music producer for Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Jason Armstrong (or as Kaori calls him “Drake in Japan“). This music video was directed by Ryoma Tachibanada who directed Kaori’s previous music video 4 KAKA, a parody of Todrick Hall‘s 4 GAGA.

Kaori is based in Japan but she has also performed many times in New York City. Her stand-up work include performances at Washington, DC’s Sakura Matsuri in 2014, the 35th annual Seattle International Comedy Competition, and she is the first Japanese female comic to have performed on the New York City subway. Kaori’s television credits include the series Welcome to the Railworld, a Malaysian and Japanese co-production and she is a reporter for Iitoko TV.

You can learn more about Kaori by visiting her official English language website here.

Source(s): Koari’s official YouTube channel.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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