Game of Thrones: A Sesame Street Parody

7 Apr

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Photo from YouTube

When it comes to television pop culture Seasame Street parodies HBO’s Game of Thrones in a way that the adults can snigger at the humor and their young ones will be none the wiser to the very adult jokes contained within.

In the Sesame Street universe, the new king of Jesteros (a replacement for the land of Westeros) is decided by a game of chairs or as the Muppet that represents Ned Stark would say “game of chez.”

In the parody we get to see four Throne Muppet representations vying for the title of King of all Jesteros. With the music played by lovable Grover (now named Bluejoy), comedy will ensue.

And the comedy Sesame Street explores in this sketch is darker than anything that has been prevciously produced. When Joffrey loses the game of chairs, the response from Grover of “…it looks like you choked Joffrey” will make parents glad their young ones won’t get the choke joke. But even with the dark jokes (and there are a few), I still find some of the best humor is in the more innocent nods to the Game of Thrones universe. An example of this is when Grover Bluejoy is late to the event of musical chairs, there is an allusion to the North Wall when Grover says “Sorry I’m late but it was really hard getting over that wall out there.”

Since Sesame Workshop is exploring new territory with this sketch, how long will it be before they parody AMC’s The Walking Dead.



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