That’s No Moon! (It’s a Star Wars Musical)

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

BrophyThere is nothing like a good geek musical to get the lovers of all things comic book, cinema and anime into an enclosed space. I’ve seen The Addams Family, Harry Potter, Batman (excuse me, Bat Man) and Sailor Moon (I’m going to hear about this one). But recently I’ve seen a Star Wars musical by Brophy Student Theatre out of Brophy College Prepatory in Phoenix, Arizona. Brophy Student Theatre wrote, directed and performed That’s No Moon! (It’s a Star Wars Musical). Admission price to a performance was one canned food item. All canned goods were donated to Phoenix’s food banks.

This same theatre group with Xavier College Prepatory students wrote and performed PokéMusical in 2013, a musical based on the Pokémon brand.

That’s No Moon Takes fans of Star Wars through the original trilogy (yes, Ewoks included).

The individual cast members have their shine times but I ask that you to pay close attention to the mimicry of Sedona Urias-Ramonett as C-3PO.

That’s No Moon! (It’s a Star Wars Musical)

Directed by: Jacob Browning, Jeremiah Johnson, and Phillip Rappa
Book and Lyrics: Jeremiah Johnson and Phillip Rappa
Music: Phillip Rappa
Additional Music: Jacob Browning

You can follow Brophy Student Theatre on their official Facebook page by clicking here. Or you can watch their YouTube videos, including PokéMusical, by clicking here.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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