Violent Attack on AKB48 – Update

TheaterNoticeAccording to Twitter users, notice was given to fans by the HKT48 Theater in Hawks Town Mall, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture. The letter regards new security measures, as advised by Japanese police, in the theater where AKB48’s splinter group, HKT48, performs. In the letter the theater states:

“We will start using metal detectors today. The following is a list that will set the detector off to please put them in a plastic bag which we will distribute.”

The list includes watches, keys, belt, lighters, coins, cellphones, fashion accessories and other metals.

Other fans at the most recent HKT48 performance have said the front row in the theater was left unoccupied and that there were no hi-fives given by members of HKT48 to their fans.

These new security measures come after a AKB48 staff member and two of their Team A idols, Anna Iriyama and Rina Kawaei, were violently attacked at one of the group’s handshake events this past Sunday. Police believe the 24-year old suspect, Satoru Umeta of Towada, Aomori Prefecture, was able to smuggle a blade into the venue because of a lack of security.

“I intended to kill people where a large crowd are gathered. I didn’t care who it was”, the perpetrator told police.

Fault for a lax in security has been indicated by police at AKB48’s management firm..

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Source Credit(s): bilingual48(twitter), naopyyon3(twitter), AKB48Wrapup(twitter), and theblueknightgarcia(tumblr).

Photo Credit(s): naopyyon3(twitter).

Author: James Robert Shaw

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  1. I’m actually quite surprised that these kinds of security members weren’t put into place before this. Not that I have any particular love for AKB48 (or any of their sister groups), but nobody deserves to be attacked by crazy fans – and idol groups like this, I would imagine, practically breed them.

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