We Hunger for More Used Video Games!

In Victoria, BC, we have a new fixture to buy used video games and movies!

comingsoonEd and I were on our way to see The World’s End when we spotted this “coming soon” sign for a movie and video game shop. I’m hoping for more indie video game outlets in this town. We have one such place up on Burnside by Harriet Rd. but it would be nice to have a shop closer to the downtown core. The last shop I can recall was Doug’s TV on Cook St. near Cook Street Village.

This shop is located in Millie’s Lane off of Yate Street just around the corner from the Cineplex Odeon and Sushi Plus.

I’ve been unable to find any information for this new business but I’ll keep trying and Victoria locals will be updated in future.

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Update by Ed Sum (Sept 1st)


Thanks to an email from the owners, we have been informed that Fan Favourites Games & Movies is now open. They began operation September 1st and their official hours are: Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pm and Sun: 12pm – 5pm. According to their official Facebook page, they specialize in used video games, consoles and movies of all shapes and sizes. Unlike a the big box operations where they undervalue a product, this place offers fair trade-in or cash for your used goods.

I’m definitely going to stop by during their opening week to check them out! Victoria, B.C. needs more stores like in what this store offers. Who knows, but maybe I’ll find a used 1st gen PS3 so I can finally finish playing the Wild Arms series. My PS2 is showing signs of wear, and it’d be sad to see that system go.

Hopefully the owners of this business do not mind me using their Facebook image post so people can see what’s offered inside. Yes, I’m eyeing that Kirby for my collection!

Author: James Robert Shaw

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