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Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial Has Replay Value

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

If you live in Japan or are knowledgable on Japanese holidays, you’ll know they celebrated recently their annual coming of age day. It’s a day where boys and girls who reach the age of 20 between April 2 of the previous year and April 1 of the new year are official recognized for becoming adults. Local ceremonies are held, gifts are given and parties are had for women dressed in furisodes and men dressed in hakamas or suits. Pikachu himself joins this groups as he like the licensing he represents turns 20 years.

To help celebrate, many events are planned by the company responsible for the merchandising of Pikachua and his friends, Kabushiki Gaisha Pokemon. One such promotion is a 30 second commercial that will air during Superbowl 50 on February 7, 2016.This extended version shows trainers from all over the world each affirming to themselves “I can do it.” One of the final scenes is an arena face-off between two trainers with CG pocket monsters. At the end, a father leans over and whispers to his son (as they watch the tournament from their television), “You can do it.”

There is a close up of the boy’s wide eyes with the slogan, “Train on.”

What is great about this commercial is that it isn’t just directed at kids. It’s directed at all ages, even the adults because the company knows the children who started out with the Pocket Monster phenomenon at the very beginning now have children of their own. In a way, they are saying we haven’t forgotten you.

In addition, the commercial has replay value. There is hidden eggs throughout the ad but we won’t be revealing what they are. How many you will spot on your own will be your own personal test at how well you know your Pokémon. Train on!

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