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Thoughts on the Trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon!

The Sun and Moon are going to arrive together come November 18, 2016, for this latest instalment of the Pokémon franchise. Unlike previous teases of what’s to come for this video game for the Nintendo New 3DS XL (as featured in the trailer) and the 2DS (unavailable in North America), this announcement reveals where the story will take place, on an island chain named Alola region (this game’s version of Hawaii). Players will be embarking upon an adventure being introduced by a male adult, named Kukui. He says, “Welcome to Paradise, Cousin.”

Immediately, I’m wondering how involved this person will be during the game?

Pokemon Sun (ready for preorder at Amazon)

Another elderly gentleman by the name of Hala, perhaps a Pokemon scientist, offers the three starter Pokémon for players to choose from: Rowlet (a grass-and-flying type owl), Litten (a fire-type kitten who looks like a genus to Meowth’s species) and Popplio (a water-type seal-clown hybrid. As the trailer reveals, the game environment is in full 3D. As for whether it’s also rendered in this environment, no official statement has been made yet. If it does, it would definitely require the processing power of the New Nintendo 3DS XL to fully realise the animation while still be playable on the 2DS without the 3D. The battles look encouragingly better than in XY and as for what kind of new dynamics are in play, some aspects of the game will never change.

Quick views of the Legendary Pokémon are offered, and if I had to choose which packaging I’d be wanting more, it’d be the Moon.

Pokemon Moon (waning to preorder at Amazon)

Another feature that’s suggested in the Japanese trailer is improved Street pass functionality. Players can meet and the best goal of all is to make new friends who love playing this 20-year-old game that’s still going strong. Not since Magic the Gathering (which celebrated it’s 20-year milestone 3 years ago) has there been similar products where the goal is to collect ’em all. Just how you can catch ’em depends on the type of tournament play you get involved in.

American Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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